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The original (Red Cover)Accurate Load Guide Number One listed cast bullets by the weight and bullet mfgr number. For example, LY429421, 245 SWC. The cast bullet data is right there just before the data for jacketed bullets for each cartridge. We also listed the O.A.L.

I am new at loading cast bullets and am trying to locate information for the 260 gr wfngc LBT by cast performance bullets bullets for 44 magnum to be shot in a 6.5" 29 s&w for bear hunting. I have been told to use jacketed data to start but was looking for someone who has used these bullets and their info. have h110, lilgun, and enforcer powders.

The .45-70 was first introduced as the .45 Government for the armys new Model 1873 rifles and carbines. Case length was 2.100 inches for use with a 405-grain roundnose lead-alloy bullet of .457-inch diameter. The initial powder charge was 70 grains of black powder.

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People interested in Cast Bullet Reloading Data for 380 also searched for. Load Data - Powder Charges, OAL, and Velocities for EM Coated Bullets . 3264 x 2448 &183; jpeg. Cast We offer high quality cast lead bullets at a low price, FREE USPS priority shipping to all 50 United States on orders of 2000 bullets or more. Contact us at 800-359-4571 or 608-643-6424 (38 S&W) 9mm380 Misc I was hoping for more, especially for RCBS and Lee cast bullet loads Unity Editor Dll First, the beefy, cast-iron frame is strong enough for the toughest.

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. Heavy Bullets in the .45 ACP. 45 ACp. High Speed .38 Special Loads. 38 Special. RCBS 30 SPS Bullets. RCBS 30-SPS. The 225107. 225107. The 25-100-FN.

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See Under Reloading - Bullets Load data sight in target Trying out some mild cast bullet loads in the Remington 700 5R Trying out some mild cast bullet loads in the Remington 700 5R. 359 140 FN, H&G 12B, Lyman 358212. Container; 15 oz Container; 15 oz. GT Bullets - 45 Caliber 9mm 38 Caliber 40 Caliber 400 Corbon 41 Caliber 30 Caliber 44 Caliber 32 Caliber 380 ACP Brass 45-70 Shotgun Gift Certificates 25 Cal Lead ecommerce, open.

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454 Casull Reduced Loads. reduced-load-454. Latest By BigMan54 01 July 2021. 10 608 1 0. CBA Member. Category Reloading Data. Many of the modern common designs we sell have been customized for better performance. Stateline Bullets endorses the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook and the Pistol & Revolver Handbook as a preferred reloading load data manual. Bullet lube Semi-soft and non-tacky, but performs equally well at high or low velocities. Quality Control Bullets are.

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    The bullets for both are cast FP lubed and sized and the 44 mag is using a 200gr. I have an old cardboard can of Unique and one of 2400 I would like to use up. I would like to load some mild, low recoil loads with either powder but.

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    Need some Cast Performance Load Data. 06-22-2010, 2117. Hey all, I'm loading up some 300grWFNGC for my Redhawk in .44mag and I'm planning on using Unique or Blue Dot, CCI lg pistol primers and Rem cases. These are going to be my bear thumpers when I'm fishing.

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    Copper jacketed bullet load data is rarely "interchangeable" with cast data due to vastly different frictionengraving dynamics, especially with magnum handgun powder. Hopefully 44Man or someone else with lots more experience than I have will weigh in here on your specific situation. Gear. 02-18-2012, 0312 PM 15.

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    I just purchased some 220gr hard-cast bullets from Rim Rock bullet company. Now that I have the bullets I cannot seem to find a load for a bullet heavier than 200gr for the 10mm. I recently picked up a Hornady 10 reloading manual, the manual lists a maximum load of 7.3gr of Longshot for a 200gr bullet . quot;>.

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I will give you a load. Use 21.5 gr of H110 and a Fed 150 primer. If it is super, super cold you can use a 155 primer. Since you are fishing, use the standard primer. This is not a max load but is the most accurate and no bear will not be shot through and through. Those other powders are wrong.

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Xtreme 115gr 9mm load data.

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12 gauge Std Field Loads; 12 gauge Slug; 12 gauge Target Loads; 20 gauge Std Field Loads; . Cast Performance LBT Handgun Bullets. Never settling for second best, the result is a company whose bullets and cartridges will deliver exactly what you need every round, every time. Cast Performance 500 S&W (.500) 500gr LFNGC Bullet . 34.99. In.

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Straight Shooters currently manufactures 50 variations of cast bullets for reloading. Our Premium Cast Bullets are cast from 92-2-6 foundry blended alloy. hi-tek coating Hi-Tek Coating bonds to the bullet, totally encapsulating the bullet and prevents lead to bore contact eliminates the need for waxes or lubricants. Brinell Hardness Number.

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stevens model 840 bolt action 22 value is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever-expanding database of loads. All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. Each month new loads are added to the database. This makes an ever-changing web site.
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Search Rcbs Cast Bullet Load Data Rcbs Data Cast Bullet Load Views 11331 Published 27.07.2022 Author Search table of content Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7.
Montana meets all of these and more. 5 Stars. Cast Performance Bullets Showing 1-20 of 43 results 30170gr RNFP - Cowboy 100ct 15.99 Add to cart 30220gr RNFP - Blackout 100ct 23.99 Add to unity get child gameobject.
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No, I said the Lee manual DOES have copper plated bullet recipes 1) 520 gn is a good long bullet for a 45-70 We shot the 1895 Marlin data to 42,000 psi The most accurate load tested was the Lee FP over 21 17 Hornet Bullets.
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Cast Bullet by Caliber; Cast Bullet by Firearm; General Reference; Classic Works; Modifying Molds Classic CB Posts; Cartridges is the Load Database. 10mm Auto 32-40 Winchester 454 Casull 218 Bee 338 Winchester Magnum 458 Winchester Magnum 22 Hornet 340 Weatherby Magnum 460 Rowland.
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See Under Reloading - Bullets Load data sight in target Trying out some mild cast bullet loads in the Remington 700 5R Trying out some mild cast bullet loads in the Remington 700 5R. 359 140 FN, H&G 12B, Lyman 358212.
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Load Data Castpics Load Lookups Welcome to the new Castpics Load lookup. This database has 6400 loads for cast bullet loads. Data can be searched by cartridge name, powder name, and bullet weight. You may wish to peruse the list of cartridges first as many times the difference in 45-70 and 4570 may mean finding data or drawing a blank. Looking for 308 Winchester Varget Load Data. Latest By brian382 24 October 2014. 13 7.5K 0 0. Standard Member. Category Reloading Data.
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